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Rogers Park, Illinois’ premiere cannabis dispensary with a focus on customer care and relief. Our wide variety of products and knowledgeable staff gives us a unique advantage in helping you get exactly what you need. View our current selection by clicking one of the buttons below. 


Important Notice

Masks fully covering the nose and mouth are REQUIRED for entry.
Consultations are welcome over the phone @ (773) 516-4007.

*Curbside service* will be available to those in serious need due to immune or mobility issues. We highly recommend adding a caregiver to your account if you are unable to come into the dispensary. Please see Tiny (tiny@greengatechicago.com) for more information on adding a caregiver to your account. . 

TWO FORMS OF IDENTIFICATION ARE REQUIRED in order to receive your medication. Your cannabis card / provisional form AND a VALID SECOND ID (Drivers license, State ID, Passport) will be required in order to purchase. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.  

Our Mission

At GreenGate, we pride ourselves in our customer care experience and our vast selection. We find you the best match to your particular needs. Everyone has a unique palette, and specific needs for their own desired health benefits. Whether you need THC, CBD, or both- we have it. We carry all of Illinois’ top brands like Verano, Cresco Labs, GTI, Revolution, Nature’s Grace and Wellness, and many more. 


Where To Find Us

GreenGate Chicago is located at 7305 N. Rogers Ave., Chicago, IL 60626 near the corner of N. Rogers Ave. and W. Chase Ave. Ample parking on site. 

We are open from  11AM – 6PM Monday – Sunday.

Pickup same day during business hours.


GreenGate Chicago is licensed to serve medical patients.

Looking to switch your primary dispensary to GreenGate?

Don’t have a medical card? We can work with you to find out if you’re eligible, and help you through the process. We offer free application assistance! Just drop us a line using this contact form below. 

Application Assistance Form


The most popular method of consumption – smoking flower has a near immediate effect. It is considered the traditional method of consumption.

We offer flower as well as pre-rolled joints. 


Concentrates, as the name implies – is a concentrated form of THC. Usually in the form of oils or rosins, concentrates are generally consumed under higher temperatures to allow the THCA to properly convert to THC. Similarly to smoking flower, smoking concentrate has a near immediate effect.

We offer many variations of concentrate for smoking or vaping.

Edible & Topical

Cannabis edibles and topicals are a phenomenal solution for those who are trying to, or need to avoid smoking or vaping. This method of consumption of cannabis is the least immediate method- often taking about 30 minutes to an hour to take effect depending on metabolism.

We have an extensive variety of edibles and topical solutions from candy to tonics and many in between.


...I appreciate all of your support and dedication you give your patients and patronage.


– Satisfied Customer (Leafly Review)

Courteous, informative and friendly interactive staff with wide variety of medicinal products. Very relaxed experience.


– Satisfied Customer (Leafly Review)

Very welcome feeling to this place. Staff could not be better. Very honest and knowledgeable. No sales people here, just friends to help.


– Satisfied Customer (Leafly Review)

Everyone at this location is patient, knowledgeable or if they don't know they will find out and learn along with you.


– Satisfied Customer (Leafly Review)

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Have more questions or need information about how to get started with us? Just fill out this contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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Are you 21 or older, or a valid medical cannabis patient?

Currently GreenGate Chicago is a medical only dispensary. To visit our location you will need a valid Illinois medical cannabis identification card. We will not be able to allow you into the store without one. Do you understand?